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POSTED BY Match Tical July 26, 2017 in Videos
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So someone mentioned online that there is this survival game kind of like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and i immediately dropped everything for research. I found Lirik playing it on the stream 2 days ago and i decided to check it out.

When i first logged in i realized that this was a pitting image of the old Arma 2 Mod EPOCH. you can loot and sell items to purchase better gear and guns and ammo. Instead of just scavenging or looting you can actually purchase loadouts for more work with the similar perma-death of Dayz Mods.

Servers are usually 24 people in an ok sized area about the size of Namalsk. They are working on larger player counts but right now it is working pretty well. Groups of bandits or heroes move in the wasteland between 3 camps.. one hero camp, one neutral camp and TWO Bandit camps…

Heroes = better gear and food
Looters = More guns and ammo.

From what i can tell the looters spawn in an area with guns and ammo but are desperate for food and water and raid civillian camps to stay alive.. it makes for cool gameplay because all NPC bases can be raided. NPC heroes and bandit guards have crazy good weapons and loadouts. Its a real back and fourth in a cool survival setting..

i would say it is definitely worth the 7 bucks.. its like an instant spawn into the world of Arma 2 EPOCH and is way further along than DayZ and is feeling pretty balanced.

i have only done the first 3 or 4 quests that are just tutorial based. me and Smokehouse have been waiting to see if anyone wants to go on the adventure into the wastelands.. Post a comment to get a game night scheduled and check out the Day 1 footage here :

Also there is a Day 2 video with SgtSmokehouse in the mix.

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